By Website Staff | Updated: May 17, 2024

Phlebotomy Schools in Arizona

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Get information on Phlebotomy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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The state of Arizona currently employs over 1,300 phlebotomists. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the field of phlebotomy is growing faster than other fields, and it’s expected that the field will grow by 17% from 2019 to 2029. This growth rate indicates that professionals holding a phlebotomy certification are likely to have an easier time finding a job in their field than people in other professions. If you’re someone who enjoys providing direct patient care and is interested in an entry-level position in the healthcare field, learning more about becoming a phlebotomist is a smart career move.

How Can I Find the Best Phlebotomy Training Program Near Me?

If you’re searching for phlebotomy classes in Arizona, you’re taking the right first step toward getting certified as a phlebotomist. There are many phlebotomy school offerings in Arizona. Some schools only offer phlebotomy training, while others offer additional medical training. Before committing to a school’s phlebotomy program, be sure to talk with an academic advisor or attend an open house to help you decide if the program is the right fit for your needs.

If you’re currently working full-time or have other responsibilities that prevent you from attending school in a traditional classroom environment, you may want to consider attending school online. You’ll be able to complete your classwork on your own time while still keeping up with day-to-day responsibilities. If you’re already working in the healthcare field, talk with your employer to find out if they’ll cover some or all of the cost of your phlebotomy certification. You may also consider choosing a traditional in-person phlebotomy program that offers evening or weekend classes.

What Is the Phlebotomy Certification/Licensing Process in Arizona?

The state of Arizona does not require phlebotomists to hold certification. That being said, it’s strongly suggested that you choose a phlebotomy program that offers certification. Even though certification is not required by the state, many employers prefer phlebotomists who have successfully completed a phlebotomy certification program.

In addition to opening up career opportunities within Arizona, holding a phlebotomy certification can also make it easier to find a job if you ever choose to move to a new state.

Where Can I Find a Job As a Phlebotomist in Arizona?

As a phlebotomist, you’ll have the opportunity to work in many different healthcare settings. Some phlebotomists work with non-profit organizations that run blood drives, while others work for public and private healthcare facilities.

There are many opportunities to work as a phlebotomist in Arizona. Common employers for phlebotomy jobs in the state include:

  • Mayo Clinic
  • American Red Cross
  • Sonora Quest Laboratories
  • Labcorp
  • Banner Health
  • Arizona State University

What Is the Salary for a Phlebotomist in Arizona?

The average salary for a phlebotomist in Arizona is $35,150. Phlebotomists who have successfully completed a certification program may be able to negotiate higher starting salaries than phlebotomists who are not certified. Education, experience, and other qualifications may also be leveraged to gain a higher salary.

Phlebotomy Schools By City

The following cities in Arizona offer phlebotomy training schools and courses.