By Marcella Sanchez, CPT | Updated: Jun 27, 2024

Phlebotomy Schools in Virginia

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How to Become Phlebotomist
Search Phlebotomy Technician Programs

Get information on Phlebotomy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Future phlebotomists in the State of Virginia will likely be pleased to know that there is an outstanding, "much faster than average" job growth anticipated for the profession throughout the next several years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a median 2020 salary at $36,320 per hour for phlebotomists in the United States.

How Can I Find the Best Phlebotomy Training Near Me?

One example of a phlebotomy program in Virginia is the Phlebotomy Technician program at the Central Virginia Community College.

The program consists of 45 total hours of instruction. The program includes classroom hours, clinical training at an accredited laboratory at a local medical center. Students learn to prepare patients for blood draws, perform venipuncture and dermal blood collection, and to maintain the quality of each specimen. Phlebotomists also learn other important skills in the program.

Students that complete the program are eligible to sit for the ASCP-BOC national certification exam in phlebotomy.

What Is the Phlebotomy Certification/Licensing Process in Virginia?

There are no national licensing requirements in the State of Virginia. However, prospective students will likely want to enroll in a phlebotomy training program that includes the opportunity to sit for one of the national exams. Students that sit for an exam will likely have the best opportunities to be hired for positions as a phlebotomist in Virginia. O*Net indicates of all phlebotomists that responded to their inquiry, 45 percent of the phlebotomists had completed a post-secondary program in phlebotomy.

Northern Virginia Phlebotomy offers a board-certified phlebotomy training program that prepares students to sit for the National Certified Phlebotomist Technician exam. Students complete 60 hours of didactic training and 100 hours of practical training in preparation for completing the program and taking the exam.

Where Can I Find a Job as a Phlebotomist in Virginia?

Wisconsin offers phlebotomists a great selection of locations to find a job. Consider a career position in one of these types of career settings:

  • Hospitals
  • Physician’s offices
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Clinics

There are a variety of other types of locations where phlebotomy program graduates can find jobs, such as at laboratories, and mobile blood donation centers.

What Is the Salary for a Phlebotomist in Virginia?

The May 2021 median salary for phlebotomists in the State of Virginia has been reported at approximately $35,392 annually. That average annual salary may vary, based on factors such as the particular job location, and the city or town where the phlebotomist decides to work.

Examples of how salary may vary within the state include the fact that the average salary for phlebotomists in Abington, Virginia is $30,856, while the average annual salary for phlebotomists in Aldie is $39,637. Another comparison is the fact that the salary for a phlebotomist in Cedar Bluff is $30,856, while the median annual salary for phlebotomists in Centreville is $39,494.

Phlebotomy Schools By City

The following cities in Virginia offer phlebotomy training schools and courses.