By Marcella Sanchez, CPT | Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Phlebotomy Schools in Pennsylvania

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Get information on Phlebotomy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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The job of taking blood samples typically isn’t done by a general nurse. Instead, a phlebotomist – someone who specializes in obtaining these samples – does the work. Since many medical diagnoses rely on blood tests, there is plenty of demand for phlebotomists. The fact that medical monitoring often relies on blood, as well, increases the demand even more.

How Can I Find the Best Phlebotomy Training Program Near Me?

Many institutions offer phlebotomy training, but only some offer respectable credentials or even all of the training you’ll need. To weed through them, you’ll need to look for a few key traits.

The first thing to look for is accreditation by a respected agency. The National Phlebotomy Association is one such organization, but there are some others that are also well-regarded. Be sure to check on any accrediting agency that a school mentions.

It is also essential that the program has both a classroom and practical component. The classroom component can be in-person or online, but since the practical component involves actually taking people’s blood, it has to be done in person. There should be at least 120 hours of practical training, and passing should require taking at least 100 blood samples.

What Is the Phlebotomy Certification/Licensing Process in Pennsylvania?

There is no legal requirement to be licensed or certified to practice phlebotomy in Pennsylvania. However, most employers will require certification, so in practical terms, it is a requirement for a successful career in this field.

The American Society of Clinical Pathologists ASCP Board of Certification, a national organization, has the most sought-after credential. Therefore, even though there are many organizations offering certificates in Pennsylvania, this is the one you should go for.

Where Can I Find a Job As a Phlebotomist in Pennsylvania?

There are over 100 job openings currently being advertised for phlebotomists in Pennsylvania. Some of the top would-be employers are Geisinger, the University of Pennsylvania Health System, the Reading Health System, Grand View Hospital, and Biolife Plasma Services.

What Is the Salary for a Phlebotomist in Pennsylvania?

There are 6,120 phlebotomists in Pennsylvania as of May 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This makes it one of the top five states for this profession. The median annual wage for a Pennsylvanian phlebotomist is $37,800.

Most phlebotomists are hired by hospitals, with diagnostic labs coming in second. Other ambulatory health care services, doctor’s offices, and outpatient care centers round out the main possibilities. Outpatient care centers pay the most, with an annual mean wage of $43,920, but since they are among the types of employers that hire the fewest, it can be harder to get a position with one. Meanwhile, it will be easier to get a job at a hospital or lab, but neither of these make the BLS’s list of the top five paying industries for phlebotomists.

Because only the top-ranking pure phlebotomists are at the high end of the wage scale, many use this position as a jumping-off point to more-involved health support positions. A good midpoint is a position in one of the higher-paying health industries, such as outpatient care centers. Moving into management offers another avenue into the higher end of the phlebotomist wage scale.

That said, phlebotomy offers a fast entrance into the medical field at the career level. The training programs are short, ranging from a few months to a couple of years. Since phlebotomy is an in-demand position, it is also relatively easy to get a job once trained and certified.

Phlebotomy Schools By City

The following cities in Pennsylvania offer phlebotomy training schools and courses.