By Marcella Sanchez, CPT | Updated: Apr 30, 2024

Phlebotomy Schools in Utah

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Phlebotomists in Utah earn among the highest salaries in the nation. Entry-level wages start at $42,000 for those with relatively little experience. The average salary with a few years’ experience is $37,000 and top earners make more than $50,000 per year. This exceptional salary range is tied to the number of phlebotomists available in the state versus the demand. Nationally, the demand for phlebotomists is growing by 17% per year, making Utah a great state in which to become a phlebotomist.

How Can I Find the Best Phlebotomy Training Program Near Me?

Phlebotomy training schools in Utah are somewhat limited. You can find them at junior colleges, vocational schools and regular universities in areas such as Orem, Clearfield, Salt Lake City and other locations. It’s important to research potential schools to find out if they are accredited and well-respected. Reading reviews and surveys of past students can also indicate whether a particular program would result in a positive experience.

Utah is a vast state full of gorgeous country and remote towns and cities. For students who cannot find a physical location that offers phlebotomy courses near them, there are many online accredited schools offering phlebotomy classes. It’s important to note that online courses typically include an academic portion and a clinical portion. While the academic portion may be 100% available online, students will have to find local hospitals, clinics or other organizations that offer them the opportunity to complete their clinical hours.

The National Phlebotomy Association is the main accrediting agency for phlebotomy programs. Attending a school with NPA accreditation can smooth the way for the certification and licensing process.

What Is the Phlebotomy Certification/Licensing Process in Utah?

The vast majority of states do not require a phlebotomy certification or license, and Utah is no exception to the rule. However, many employers prefer phlebotomists with a certification or license, which can be obtained through national agencies such as the following:

  • American Certification Agency (ACA)
  • National Phlebotomy Association (NPA)
  • American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)
  • National Phlebotomy Solutions (NPS)
  • American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians (ASPT)
  • National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT) 
  • American Medical Technologists (AMT)

Most certification agencies require candidates to complete an accredited training program with the appropriate phlebotomy classes that cover topics such as anatomy and taking blood samples. After passing the exam given by the certifying agency, you will probably need to obtain experience in the field as the last step to get your certification.

Where Can I Find a Job as a Phlebotomist in Utah?

Because there are fewer phlebotomists than demanded by the market in Utah, there are many options open to experienced phlebotomists in the Beehive State. For example, those who wish to become travel phlebotomists can take positions in the following cities for elevated pay:

  • West Valley City
  • Orem
  • St. George
  • Sandy
  • West Jordan
  • Layton
  • Salt Lake City
  • Ogden
  • Provo
  • Logan

Phlebotomists can find jobs in a number of settings. For example, there are many large hospitals, clinics, physicians' offices and blood donation centers that need qualified phlebotomists with a gentle touch and good bedside manner.

What Is the Salary for a Phlebotomist in Utah?

Above, we have provided the salary phlebotomists can hope to make over the next several years in Utah. Another great source for potential salary ranges, has this to say about what phlebotomists can make according to current job listings.

Current job listings are slightly lower than projections by the BLS. The average salary for a phlebotomist in Utah is $34,000 as of May 2021. Many factors go into the top salaries phlebotomists can expect to earn. These include experience and education. However, there is a salary ceiling associated with this position, which is considered an entry-level position with little room for growth. Many phlebotomists go on to become nurses and medical technicians.

Phlebotomy Schools By City

The following cities in Utah offer phlebotomy training schools and courses.