By Marcella Sanchez, CPT | Updated: May 26, 2024

Phlebotomy Schools in Wyoming

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Get information on Phlebotomy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Phlebotomy has a much faster growth rate than most other healthcare support positions. From 2019 to 2029, the field is expected to grow by 17%. Many medical teams cannot perform diagnostics and treatments without the services of well-trained phlebotomists, and that isn't expected to change anytime soon.

That makes phlebotomy a great career field for workers seeking a high level of job security. It's also attractive to those ready to enter the workforce with as little training as possible.

How Can I Find the Best Phlebotomy Training Program Near Me?

If you don't have significant on-the-job training, phlebotomy classes are the best way to enter the workforce. There aren't many in-person training programs in Wyoming, but the best option is the Certificate of Completion for Phlebotomy Training at Casper College in Casper, Wyoming. Students can complete the Associate of Science in Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) program simultaneously.

Central Wyoming College also offers a three-credit-hour phlebotomy certificate course for students enrolled in other healthcare support training programs. It prepares students to pass the certification examination offered by the National Center for Competency Testing.

The program at Northwest College in Powell also prepares students for certification and is a hybrid course that combines online study with clinical experience in the local area. Students have the option of attending courses 100% online if none of those programs are reasonably close to their home.

When selecting a phlebotomy course in Wyoming, consider the following:

  • Location — Are you reasonably close to the school's location? If not, is it better to look for an online program?
  • Hands -On Experience — Does the program include hands-on classroom experience? What about clinical experience?
  • Certification — Does the program focus on preparing students for a specific certification exam? If so, is it the exam you would like to pass?
  • Cost — Can you afford to attend the program?
  • Time — How long will the course last? How much time are you expected to spend attending class, working in a clinical setting, studying, and completing online work, if applicable? Do you have the time to complete the program?

What Is the Phlebotomy Certification/Licensing Process in Wyoming?

There is no mandatory state licensing or certification in Wyoming. Students have the option of completing a certification exam in order to improve their employment opportunities. Many employers prefer to hire employees with significant on-the-job experience and/or certification.

Some of the more popular phlebotomy certification exams include:

Where Can I Find a Job As a Phlebotomist in Wyoming?

Phlebotomy jobs are readily available in a variety of medical facilities throughout Wyoming, including but not limited to:

  • Hospitals
  • Diagnostic laboratories
  • Medical clinics
  • Ambulatory services
  • Doctor's offices
  • Correctional facilities

Any medical team that relies on bloodwork and samples of bodily fluids to diagnose and/or treat medical conditions will need services from phlebotomists. Some hire their phlebotomists directly while others send their patients to larger diagnostic laboratories.

What Is the Salary for a Phlebotomist in Wyoming?

In May 2021, the mean annual salary for phlebotomists in Wyoming was under $32,000. The salary range went from just over $28,000 a year to a little over $35,000 a year. Certified phlebotomists often earn a bit more than uncertified phlebotomists, but that isn't true in Wyoming. In May 2021, the salary range for certified phlebotomists was almost identical to the mean for phlebotomists in general.

The salary range in Wyoming is comparable to the mean salary for phlebotomists nationwide. Phlebotomy students interested in maximizing earnings after training can complete training courses that include clinical experience. That experience along with certification may qualify new phlebotomists for positions paying the highest salaries.

Those interested in earning higher salaries can gain experience in phlebotomy while studying to enter similar fields like nursing or medical assisting.

Phlebotomy Schools By City

The following cities in Wyoming offer phlebotomy training schools and courses.